Bit of a bloodbath occured last night… literally. Let El Mog in about 11.30pm and before I could check the thing that seemed to be a bit wrong with his ear, he shook his head and a shower of little droplets of blood spattered the back hallway and bathroom… ah. Quite disgusting. It looked like a massacre of very tiny people had taken place; a kind of CSI:Gnome, if you will.

"Yes, no doubt about it, this was a definite through and through. And here’s the victim’s wee hat…"

So that was fun… as was the trip to the vet this morning, and the £75 it relieved me of. I know I’ve been complaining that the cat isn’t a very manly cat, and is terrified of other cats, but if he’s going to start fighting it would be nice if he came home in one piece; or at least in a state that doesn’t involve a clean-up job.


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