[Slight pause before I categorise this post as ‘music’…]

I’m still chuckling over last night’s Eurovision. I only saw the final, but am working my way through all the entries on You Tube. I think what we can learn from Scooch’s victory is that the Eurovision-voting British public don’t want ‘established’ artists to represent us; or that we take a vicious pleasure in voting off these has-beens before they can get anywhere near Helsinki. Justin "will sing for food" Hawkins’ strop was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in months, and poor Brian Harvey being sent home first – not the kindest thing to do to someone with a well documented history of depression, and you could practically see him calculating the number of paracetamol as he walked off the stage…

But how brilliant were Scooch? Even if it is a total rip-off from The High Life‘s title sequence (thanks Liz!), perhaps a bunch of former kid’s popstrels is just what Eurovision needs. Last year metaaal-campery won, why not go bubblegum campery this year? One thing’s for certain – Eurovision party round my gaff 12th May!


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