Seeing is not necessarily believing

I am very short. I am pint-sized. Miniscule. 5’4". One of the many problems this brings (others: being ignored by bar staff; having to stand on tippy-toes to talk to all my male friends; the necessity of stepladders around the home) is not being able to see a damn thing at gigs. I’m not talking about gigs-in-pubs where they’re only half full and anyway you can always get to the front; I’m talking about costs-more-than-a-tenner, large venues, packed to the rafters gigs, where standing at the front gets you killed if you’re a teeny person like me. I have learned that the best thing to do is find a place to stand with a semi-decent sight-line, but accept that this sight-line will close up at intervals and you can either spend two songs weaving through the crowd to find somewhere else to stand, or just wait there until it opens up again (which it will do). This basically means that I can only go to ‘big’ gigs where I know the band pretty well, cos then I can just concentrate on the music. If I don’t know the songs and can’t watch the band to entertain myself, I get bored pretty damn quickly.

So I went to see Idlewild on Friday, currently Feed Me‘s band of choice. Definitely a case of it being a good job I bloody love the band, cos the sight-lines were shit… mind you, Roddy was the most talkative I’ve ever seen him which is ironic since he had a cold and was apparently in danger of losing his voice. *shrugs* I do love Idlewild live. They have a vibrancy onstage, even when Roddy’s being taciturn, a great big swelling sound that swooshes over an audience. Mmm. It was a very crowd-pleasing set as well, they didn’t bother to milk the new album so much and played all the hits and old faves from the back catalogue, even Everyone Says You’re So Fragile which is one of my favourites. I bought a t-shirt from a dodgy street vendor, on the tube home I was occasionally drawn into a game of bottle-of-Sprite-football and I’ve spent the weekend wanting to shout "shapes!" at random intervals. A fairly successful evening, all told…


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