Super dooper BUPA

Inspired by Kate taking the BUPA test:

I think I am a purple squiggle:

"You are creative, witty and
impulsive. You are spontaneous and fun, always looking to the future,
however, you are not always very dependable and have been known to
drive your colleagues crazy. You are easily distracted and need to
learn to focus on tasks and see them through to their conclusion."

But apparently I am a Deep Blue Circle.

"Circles love
harmony and tranquillity, and tend to be calm and contented with an
optimistic outlook on life. Traditionally the symbol of the earth
mother, circles are real people’s people.

Communication is a
great priority for circles. Both at work and at play circles handle
things by talking them through, consulting with everybody involved and
striving for harmony. If you are given a task or a challenge your first
response is to talk about it; you would not be the one reaching for a
pen to make a ‘to do’ list to sort a problem.

Circles can be
creative and extroverted, but are best known for their intuitive
approach to work and play. At work, you’re generally a popular player,
though your focus on achieving harmony rather than on getting the job
done quickly and systematically may well frustrate colleagues. Try
talking and socialising a bit less and write a few lists!

like to gossip – not maliciously – but you do love people with
problems. You will reach out to new people and situations, but while
circles are often warm and welcoming, you are not always totally

Your colour is deep blue. This is the colour that
denotes great strength of character, and lends a degree of pragmatism
to the soft, generally easy going circle. Deep blue suggests integrity
and maturity which sits well with the circle and makes you very
popular. However, deep blue suggests you can also be intriguingly
enigmatic. Finally, on a personal level, you have bags of energy and
take good care of your health and wellbeing.

Celebrity circles include Fern Cotton, Richard Hammond, David Beckham, Sharon Osbourne, Terry Wogan and Helen Mirren."

Ha! I get Helen Mirren and the hamster! (Let’s gloss over Beckham shall we?) But Deep Blue? What am I, a super computer?


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