Spring madness

It’s definitely spring. Elgar is racing from end to end of the flat at top speed, and shedding so much fur that by rights he ought to be bald. He’s also silently gliding up next to me, then giving me baleful glances when I take a step and bang right into him. Cats should come with proximity alarms.


One response to “Spring madness

  1. kate April 5, 2007 at 9:32 am

    Heh. Tomasina likes to do that to sleeping people. So you semi-consciously open your eyes and get a view that’s probably quite similar to that of an unwary safari tourist being eaten by a tiger: close-up of a furry jaw and fangs, about 3 millimetres from your nose, combined with much purring. NOT the most relaxing thing to wake up to.

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