I had an unexpectedly early start to the bank holiday – got to work this morning to find police tape cordoning off the building! Bomb scare, apparently, though my information was obtained through the most reliable channels, namely rumour and hearsay. And in true British style, we were all stood around underneath the very large, very made-of-glass, building discussing it. I think having spent so long with IRA bomb scares, Brits are kind of immune… I had to explain to some non-British colleagues that ‘bomb scare’ just means some twat rang up and spooked everyone, not that there’s an actual bomb in the building.

In a way it was irritating because there’s a very time-consuming project happening and I could have done with spending all day working on it, but my laptop is locked in my desk drawer. Am pondering popping into the office tomorrow (hoping it’s open; it’s following "normal Bank Holiday procedures" whatever they are) and doing some work from home over the weekend; I know it’s sad, but when you’re the only writer on the team and there’s stuff that needs writing, whatcha gonna do?

Anyway, I had a major shopping expedition since I was in town, and then came home and sat in the garden. God I love having a garden! I plan to spend lots of time in it over the next few days. Mmm.


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