I have been a busy person. My parents left for Spain today, so I can stop sleeping on the sofabed and therefore get a decent night’s kip. I’ve been to the vets again. I went to Amy and Lee’s wedding:

and stayed in a Travelodge for the first time evah (also fell asleep on the toilet for the first time in a while. Glad that’s back). Did lots of gardening and spent shitloads of money. I have a lounger and a parasol for the garden now, I’m all set for summer! I started the process of getting a more definitive mental health diagnosis than the catch-all ‘depression’, but this being the NHS all I’ve seen is a box-checker who told me I may have "bipolar tendencies" but there’s going to be many more referrals before I get any answers, if any answers at all. I enjoyed Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Greenwich. I went to the Glass Bar again. I am a bit sunburned from all the nice weather. I have spent the last few days displaying sociopathic behaviours. I have spent far too much time on Fridaycities.


One response to “Bizzy

  1. kate April 22, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    Aw lovely pic of Amy and Lee!

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