Not another one!

Save the Spitz!

The Spitz is threatened with closure… what the hell’s going on with the venues around London? The Hammersmith Palais has closed, the Electric Ballroom is due for demolition whenever Camden tube station gets ‘improved’, is the Astoria still under threat as well? You could say that music and venues are cyclical in nature, and that when one closes another will open; but what with the increase in brownfield development I’m not so sure. Plus, it takes a while for an atmosphere to build and a reputation to emerge. The Spitz is great! Save the Spitz!


3 responses to “Not another one!

  1. Nick April 22, 2007 at 1:11 am

    Camden station is a hard one. It desperately needs to be replaced, despite it historicness, because with increased capacity they will be able to split the two branches of the Northern Line into two completely seperate lines, which is greatly needed and will be come even more so in the future. Also having one branch terminating at Kennington would open the posibilty of extending the ‘Northern’ line to the South East. South East London certainly will need to undergo a transport revolution to develop into the kind of area those up high want it to, and part of that would have to include a tube line. London Overground is just another stage towards this.
    Of course why the new station needs to half shopping mall is a lot more dubious.
    As to places closing I try (and fail) to remain relaxed.
    It seems as you get older you realise just how much, and how quickly, things change, compared to the kind of static view that comes with a lack of years.

  2. Rachel April 22, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    God, I didn’t realise there were plans afoot to change the very basis of the Northern Line – with my Mornington Crescent player’s hat on, that makes me very excited… but as you say, there’s absolutely no need to turn a load of the overground space into shops and flats.

  3. Nick April 23, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Hmm I can’t find the actual reports because of the tfl site upgrade but here are two bits from wiki.
    From the Northern Line page is this:
    “TfL’s London 2025 report [4] confirms their intention to split the Northern Line into two segregated routes. Running trains between all branches, as is currently done, means only 22-25 trains per hour can run on each of the central sections, because merging trains have to wait for each other at the junctions. Segregating the line will allow 30 trains per hour on all parts of the system. However, Camden Town station would need to be rebuilt before this could be implemented, because the current station would not be able to cope with the increased number of passengers changing trains there.”
    Yet also from the Camden town Tube Station page is this:
    “Apart from complaints about destruction of one of the ox-blood tiled station buildings (although there are over 20 of these Leslie Green designed buildings), there is a significant controversy over the demolition of the buildings to the north. Complaints particularly centred on London Underground’s desire to replace the buildings with modern construction said to be out of place, and out of scale with the remainder of Camden Town, together with complaints about the loss of the buildings and market themselves. This led to a public enquiry being held. In January 2004, consultants Arup published plans commissioned by Save Camden, a group of local market traders, for a remodelling which would preserve the majority of the threatened buildings, including the market. In 2005 Transport for London lost its appeal to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the scheme has been cancelled. It is not known when they will propose an alternative scheme, or what it will involve.”
    So it looks as though the Electric Ballroom is safe for the time being.

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