The good, the bad, and the downright stupid

I ran out of medication a few days ago. I thought I had a fortnight’s worth left, but I opened the packet and no shiny blister pack greeted me. Oops. Of all the stupid things I’ve done in my time, this probably goes into the all time top five of needlessly stupid things. To run out of medication you’re specifically not supposed to come off abruptly… anyway, it took two days to get a doctor’s appointment so I figured; hey, I’ve accidentally missed days before. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Then yesterday, a couple of hours before the appointment, I started to get withdrawal symptoms… it was like being drunk, that feeling where you have to concentrate very hard to stand up straight, never mind do something complicated like walking. Was totally spaced in the doctor’s room and she had nooo problem writing out a new prescription. I’m planning to come off them anyway (curious to see what I’m like au naturel) but, you know, not like that. Hum.

The subsequent quick trip to Boots was ‘enlived’ by a pedestrian getting hit by a motorcyclist on Lewisham High Street. Fuck. Such a bang! So I was a good citizen and quickly whipped out my mobile to call 999. Bear in mind I was still spaced at this point, and forgot you have to initially say which service you need rather than launch straight into it. Ah well. Though I was quite shocked to find myself on hold for the ambulance service… it was probably only five seconds, but long enough to register as "hang on, I’m on hold for the fucking emergency services?" Fair play to them though; a police car pulled up after less than two minutes, followed by an ambulance a minute after that, and another police van a minute after that. I think the woman who got hit was going to be OK… other passers-by moved her from the centre of the road to the pavement (even though I kept shouting "don’t move her!", about the only thing I remember from first aid training at Guides… all the traffic had stopped, she wasn’t in danger; the crowd of about 15 people round her would have slowed down all approaching cars…).


One response to “The good, the bad, and the downright stupid

  1. Nick April 27, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    You can get an emergency perscription if you run out of meds if you have the packet/box/whatever. Just go into any pharmacist and say you have run out and you need some to tyde you over. They are able to look up your records and then perscribe you some then and there. I did it awhile back with an inhaler. Just showed them the empty and they were able to give me one without me having a script. Very handy!

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