A thing of beauty

I’ve just spent the last hour scouring the kitchen for food. I’ve already had dinner, you understand (chicken breast baked in beer with brie, mmm), this is just for extra snackies. It’s probably the effect of watching the Eurovision semi final. Love Andorra.

Anyway. There’s a white iris in my garden. I didn’t plant it, I seem to have inherited it, which I’m very pleased about. Irises are my favourite flowers and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white one before (although there’s a lovely line about one in Anne of the Island – end of chapter).

There’s also an amazing dress being displayed in an empty shop window near work. It’s a piece of art by Sam Jones who, according to the blurb next to it in the window, "scours local pound shops and markets for cheap, garish and domestic materials to transform into his meticulous and highly decorative art-work". This dress stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw it – it’s exactly the kind of dress I used to draw as a little kid (you know when you had to write stories in those exercise books that were half-lined and half-blank for pictures? Whenever I drew women/girls they would be wearing that kind of ‘princess’ dress. I guess that’s what happens when you read a lot of fairy tales). It probably goes without saying that this doesn’t exactly float my boat these days, but it’s still a stunning thing.

[Edit: The semi final results were weird… no Denmark drag queen? No Andorra’s mini McFly? But Slovenia’s bizarre contribution going through? FYR Macedonia?! Belarus?!! Bulgaria and the drumming?!!! Mesmells a  Euro rat…]


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