A new political age

No, not the whole Blair/Brown thing (*yawn*), but Eurovision. Watching it last night, Kate and I were discussing how the whole nature of Eurovision has changed with the entry of all the small, former Communist countries. When you watch the voting you can see the geo-political shift: the Baltic and former USSR states all vote for each other (and Russia, bizarrely, given they all hate each other), the former Yugoslavian states all vote for each other (though Serbia won because it was also good, not just from bloc voting). The disintegration of Eastern Europe into smaller and smaller countries is creating a big shift to that side of the continent; I’d be highly surprised if we see another winner from Western Europe. Look at these scores: of the Western European countries that made it past the semi-finals (no Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal or Switzerland – remember that Eurovision has bugger all to do with the ‘quality’ of the songs) all came in the bottom third.

It’s a whole new world out there, I’m telling you.

Mind you, as far as I’m concerned, the joy of Eurovision is in the voting anyway. Must create some kind of drinking game for next year (Cyprus and Greece award each other 12 points: drain glass etc).

Edit: All hail Wikipedia! A lovely scoresheet containing everyone’s votes, and maps. This map is incredibly telling, plotting the final position in the contest to the country’s physical location:


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