Art wank

I admit it. I don’t ‘get’ art. I really liked the Antony Gormley exhibition because it was something you could immediately experience and it instantly called up a reaction (or failing that, you could run around trying to spot the bodies), rather than standing around scratching the pseudo-wanky beard saying "yes, I can see how the artist is affecting transcendental attitudes to form in this work" or whatever.

Basically, I hate this bloody skull by Damien Hirst. I hate the fact that I’m sitting here with him on Newsnight and I can’t find the remote. I hate that he’s from Leeds. It’s a skull covered in diamonds. Yes Kirsty, it may well sell for £50m making it the most expensive work by a living artist but that’s because it’s covered in fucking diamonds, not because it’s any good. And I hate the fact that I’m adding to the hype just by blogging about it.



One response to “Art wank

  1. kendrick237 August 23, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Thats just sad and a waste of money…. like doing it for the sake of doing it, and then afterwards sitting back and going ‘teehee how cute!’


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