A surprise birthday

El Mog’s real name is Elgar. He came with this name and he responds to it, even though I feel like a twat shouting it out the back door at midnight. He was originally owned by an elderly man so I figured, you know, why not. But today I think I worked out the actual reason behind the name, rather than just a fancy for Pomp and Circumstance. When Elgar (cat) first came into the Rehoming Centre, I swear I remember seeing his date of birth written down as 1 June. As this came from Elgar (cat)’s original family, I guess this is fairly accurate. Then, I was flicking through the Guide earlier and read that today is the 150th anniversary of Elgar (composer)’s birth. ‘Hmm’, I thought. ‘I wonder if Elgar (cat)’s date of birth was actually 2 June? Maybe elderly-gentleman-original-owner knew what day his coal-coloured kitty was born, and the name was a deliberate choice?’

Anyway, I henceforth declare 2 June to be Elgar (cat) as well as Elgar (composer)’s birthday. He had liver for his tea, and spent all afternoon lounging around in the sunshine with an occasional belly tickle. He’s now determindly asleep on my bed. I think that’s a nice way to spend a birthday, don’t you?


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