Home made ice cream is amazing. Just so you know.

This weekend I:

  • fitted the water butt (drilling! Sawing bits out of drainpipes! Woohoo!)
  • weeded the garden
  • mowed the lawn again
  • went to Homebase and Comet and bought grown-up, adult, household items
  • made ice cream (which involved making custard. Real custard. I am domestic goddess)
  • worked at midnight on Saturday to make sure an event got onto t’internet
  • painted the bathroom (managing to paint the ceiling above the bath only by standing on tippy toes. I hate being short)
  • did lots of washing
  • squeed at Doctor Who
  • discovered that the shower curtain rail is disgusting
  • failed, again, to sort out the various mounds of paperwork around the flat. My tax return’s in there somewhere…

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