Yesterday, Nick and I went to worship at the altar of Stephen Fry see QI being filmed. It turned out to be the Fucking Children in Fucking Need special (yes, they really do shoot these things in advance!) which gives me the opportunity to run the Dylan Moran bit again:

Oh, actually, if we’re here, I’ll just share with you one of my favourite Dylan Moran bits where he’s talking about Germany. Obviously I don’t agree with a word of it but it makes me involuntarily widdle every time I see it:

Yes. Anyway. Guests were Bill Bailey (yay!), Jo Brand, Jeremy Clarkson – who clearly is a knob but can always be relied upon to say something amusingly outrageous – and the inimitable (and do-able) Alan Davies. And a lot of dicking around with Pudsey bear. And a lot of rudity! There’s no way this’ll make it into the edited show, but there was a fabulous segment about various names for female genitalia and a brief resurrection of the word "quim".

After the recording we were ‘treated’ to the pilot of the new sitcom from the makers of Peep Show. I have the synopsis here: "You will see the first ever public screening of the new hit show [not sure how they can say it’s a hit when it’s the first screening] from Peep Show writers and creators, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong: Ladies and Gentlemen, starring Reece Shearsmith, Darren Boyd and Adam Buxton. Ladies and Gentlemen is a bit like Friends but set in 1865. It’s about three blokes and three girls sharing a house in olde London town – and we’ve got something that Friends never had: jokes about bellows, murder and onanists."

Ignore the Friends stuff and look at the pedigree. Peep Show! Reece Shearsmith! Adam and Joe! Surely it’s going to be good!

No, it’s shit. That’s 24 minutes of my life I’m never getting back. It’d make a nice concept for a sketch, but not a full episode of stilted Victorian dialogue which isn’t as amusing as the makers hoped. Actually, scratch that, it’s just not amusing at all. For the sake of the reputations of everyone involved, all tapes of this should be buried in a large underground vault guarded by a Cerberus and the key thrown down a very deep well. Now.


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