Ah, there’s nothing like coming home to a large pile of cat vomit in the hall, is there?

Anyway. Did you know I’m not the only Bagelmouse on t’internet?

It’s true. There’s two of us. The other BagelMouse (check the capitalisation) lives in America and loves purple, just like me. And an only child, just like me. She became a BagelMouse because "once
Nickey and I were at the bookstore, and we came across a children’s board
book called Bagel Mouse. It was about some mice (and a fish) who find a bagel
and wonder about it."

I’ve never heard of this book. I became a Bagelmouse through a spurt of randomness. But it’s nice to know there’s someone else out there who thinks along similar lines… she’s not on the internet much these days, but if you Google me/us, it can be difficult to tell sometimes which one is which. (Hint: the Mornington Crescent stuff is me.)


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