Road to somewhere

Well, if everyone else is…

I booked my train tickets yesterday for a jaunt round Europe in September. (I don’t believe in going on holiday in July or August: too fucking hot and too fucking expensive and too many other fucking tourists.) Got my Eurostar tickets to bookend the trip and got my interrail pass; so in theory I could go absolutely anywhere I want – but in reality I know I’m going to end up starting in Switzerland and ultimately aiming for the Slovenian/Croatian coast. Damn those OCD tendencies, can nothing be spontaneous any more?! God, I’m looking forward to this – it’ll satisfy that itch that gets too annoying to ignore every now and again. The idea is not to visit anywhere I’ve been before for more than a few hours while changing trains (ie, will probably end up in Venice/Ljubljana/Munich/Paris for a bit), but this is a deliberate trip into the unknown. Hooray!


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