Money for marriage

I’m really not a big fan of marriage. Not anti-marriage, but I can’t really see the point. As my mum says (current marital status: married 38 years and still going), "listen to the vows. How on earth can you promise to do all that? It’s madness". When I go "um, you got married" she does a little shrug and says "we were young. You think you know everything" and my dad does a little nod. And people wonder where I get my world-weariness from…

Sorry. Tangent. Tory Dave is pondering tax breaks for married people:
"Mr Cameron said he continued to believe that the main cause of social breakdown – which he described as ‘the big question of our times’ – was family separation. ‘If you look at unmarried couples half of them split up by their child’s fifth birthday. The figure for married couples is one in 12. So the evidence is incredibly strong … we should recognise marriage in the tax system.’"

This is not a comment on the causes of ‘social breakdown’. This is merely a recounting of the scene in my head when I read that.

Him: I hate you.
Her: I hate you too. The sound of your breathing makes me want to smother you at night.
Him: I curse the day I got down on bended knee to you.
Her: You only did it cos I was knocked up.
Him: I hate you for your snideness.
Her: We should probably get divorced, but the temptation of that extra couple of hundred pounds a year is just too strong…
Him: Yes. We’ll continue to raise our children in a hotbed of mutual loathing because the tax break is too good to miss!

[Edit: oh, it seems I was too harsh on Davey. £20 a week, apparently! Still can’t see it changing the above scenario…]


One response to “Money for marriage

  1. Nick July 12, 2007 at 9:54 am

    Problem is, is wether he is using this policy as a device to test the water. At the moment it sounds pretty lame but if people respond well to it he could really expand on it. Especially in such a way as to halt any progress on getting more legal recogntion for co-habiting couples.

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