Dyer situation*

Apparently it is very hard to make your hair lighter when you’ve been dyeing it dark brown for over a year.

I change my hair colour when I get bored. I’m prematurely greying (cheers, Mum) and I refuse to spend time, money and effort dyeing my hair my natural mousy-meh-whatever because that’s just stupid. I’ve alternated between red and brown/black-ish (which is apparently what happens when you have lots of brown build-up) and now I’m bored again. Plus, I’m off the anti-depressants, am chemical and side-effect free and am feeling kinda frisky. So what’s left? Blonde…

Not properly blonde though – apart from feminist issues with brunettes who dye their hair blonde, I’d look a sod being properly blonde – so I thought I’d go a few shades lighter than my real colour. Or, at least, what I think is my real colour. It’s been a while since I saw it… That was the plan anyway, but I can’t see any sodding difference. I’m either going to have to do this another three or four times or pay at least £100 to get it done professionally.

Bah. Price of vanity, eh?

* It’s a pun on ‘dire’, yeah?


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