Rain reminiscing

Today was quite a quiet day at work. This was obvious by 12pm when I became unusually fixated by the fact that I wasn’t hungry – having eaten two free sausage sandwiches during the mid-morning office ‘get together’ (when everyone stands around talking to the normal people anyway, but hey, there’s free food!) – and getting a little bit upset at the disturbance to the normal daily ritual. (By 12 I’m normally hungry but don’t want to have lunch that early so I start mainlining biscuits. There has been a definite lack of biscuitage today.) It’s been a day of tranquil hush, probably caused by not having much (ie, anything) to do until about 2pm… oh, I know there’s always things one could do, but that would take motivation.

And so it transpired that when the rain began in the afternoon I was in the right frame of mind to just watch it. It felt nice. Reminiscent of late autumn/early winter Saturday evenings when I was a kid, closing the living room curtains as night drew in, with the Grandstand vidiprinter reeling off the day’s football results. Mum in the kitchen, feeding the cat. Dad upstairs asleep, knackered after another 6-day week of 4am starts. A cosy feeling, quite forgetting I was actually at my desk, staring out the tenth floor window, wrapped in a cardigan against the cold.

Mmm childhood. I’m going to eat a nougaty wafer now.


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