I was wandering home from the station tonight thinking about the lovely sense of community in Hither Green. It’s different from North London; people talk to other in shops and on the street. I bumped into my electrician in the Co-op on Saturday and we had a nice chat. The people in the dry cleaner made me tell them what happens in the last Harry Potter. People in my street have taken in ridiculously large packages for me (like, my water butt). I hate feeling harrassed and would be very pissed off if any of this stuff felt intrusive, but it doesn’t. It’s lovely. I believe that if a crazy tried to break into my house someone would hear my yelling and call the police.

But some bastard’s nicked my recycling wheelie bin. Now I’m left with one small, lidless, box for two flats. You utter fucktard. Cos calling Lewisham Council to get one delivered for yourself is just too frickin’ hard. Oh no, actually it’s not, cos I’ll have to do it myself tomorrow.



One response to “Stealer!

  1. Nick August 21, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    Apparently a load of them have turned up at the Heathrow protest camp….according to the Sunday Times, anyway.

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