Misplaced empathy

This was today’s Perry Bible Fellowship strip, as seen in the Grauniad. I hate stuff like this. I hate it because it makes me really sad. I get actual tears pricking the corners of my eyes, I gasp and my hand leaps to cover my mouth as I involuntarily wear a look of sorrow for the little cartoon drawing/actor getting paid to pretend to be someone else/non-existent character in a book. Look at the little guy! Go on – click on the picture and see it properly! All he wanted was a boost to his feeble self-esteem, he wanted to be happy for just a while and some sick bastard took advantage of him and crushed his dreams. It’s not right, I tell you! It’s just not right! The little guy should be allowed to gladden his heart, if only for a while! Damn you cheating, newspaper-advertising, scum!



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