Random afternoon off

Yesterday afternoon I found myself yelping "fucking KNOBhead!" at my desk, so I figured it was time to take a half day’s holiday… I quite like taking random time off and I wish I could do it more but this year I’m rapidly running out of days (or am I? If the office is closing for Christmas again then I have lots of days; but can anybody be bothered to tell us? Noooo).

Anyway, I went to borrow Liz’s Paris guidebook so I can find the nice creperies during my forthcoming European sojourn, and nipped into the British Museum to see their free display of Japanese flower arranging. I’d love to say I’m steeped in Japanese culture to that extent, but it was – of course – much more shallowly inspired by that scene from Lost in Translation (watch the final minute of this if you haven’t seen the film. And then go see the film. What are you, some kind of infidel?):

Charlotte from Lost in Translation is my style icon. I want to be her when I grow up. Oh, and Hermione outofHarryPotter, obviouslee.


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