People can be such cunts

I have a badge that I wear on my coat lapel.

Losing faith in humanity one person at a time

It’s pretty much my life motto. And reinforced when I witness events like on the bus home this evening… the bus was, of course, jammed, and a couple of people had got on the bus who shouldn’t have – barged their way through the front doors as they were closing, I think. So the driver turned off the engine and the lights until they disembarked, in that charming, petulant, way bus drivers do. A guy stood up started having a go at the driver. Then the driver couldn’t get the engine turned back on again. The guy continued having a go at the driver, a continuous drone about how the driver was stupid and various other insults. The driver was also doing his best to wind the guy up. As I got off, three men were standing around the driver, yelling at him, demanding the driver find these passengers another bus, right at that moment, with seats. And refunds.

a) It’s hardly the driver’s fault the engine fucked up. On the other hand, he never apologised or acknowledged that all the passengers were now buggered.
b) Who was helped by the constant bitching?
c) The speed with which the whole thing degenerated into an ugly scene bordering on violence was depressing.

I got off and found another route home.

However, in a rare attempt to provide some balance to this blog, I shall say that there is a road near where I work, that I need to cross to get to the station. It can be a bit dicey because there’s a blind corner tunnel about 20m away from the unofficial crossing point and you can’t see what’s coming. But quite often, cars stop to let people pass. They don’t need to – and yet they do. It thaws my ice-cold heart a little every time that happens.


2 responses to “People can be such cunts

  1. Nick October 24, 2007 at 11:46 am

    I think that quote has a flawed starting point as “One person at a time” strikes me as a slow death to any hope one might have. It is better to a surprised pessamist than a surprised opptomist in my opinion.

  2. Rachel October 24, 2007 at 1:37 pm

    Yup. Slow death of optimism. I think, deep down, I actually – stupidly – believe that people are nice, and then I get that idea beaten out of me. One person at a time.
    The badge really does reflect my reality.

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