Sometimes cranky is sexy

Even though Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is not, perhaps, Aaron Sorkin’s best moment, and I spent about ten minutes yelling at the TV on Thursday after Jordan’s little note to Danny on the roof (what the fuck was that supposed to be about? I know they had to cover Amanda Peet’s pregnancy pretty quickly, but to go from "I can’t date you" to "here’s a note in eyeliner saying I’ll date you" within two minutes ARGH), and even though Bradley Whitford as Danny gives me the creeps (this is JOSH LYMAN! How can he be creepy?) I still have a soft spot for it. And you know the best bit? Steven Weber. I’m not sure why Sorkin decided to write a hard-ass bad guy executive and then change him into the guy with the best one-liners and secret heart of gold, but my god. He steals the show. And he writes about liberal politics for the Huffington Post (the ‘Axis of Live‘ gag in this post made me snort). And he has lovely blue eyes. *ahem* I feel another celebrity crush coming on…


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