An unexpected pleasure

Did anyone catch A Real Summer the other night? Not Capturing Mary, the main Stephen Poliakoff production this weekend, but this additional piece that Poliakoff created for Ruth Wilson after Capturing Mary started. It’s a monologue for the first half, and then a two hander with Wilson playing against herself for the second. And it’s wonderful. Where Capturing Mary was, let’s face it, a bit pretentious and drowning in its own metaphor, A Real Summer was engaging and laugh-out-loud funny at times.

And Ruth Wilson is incredible in it (you know Ruth Wilson – she was Jane Eyre earlier in the year), you can’t take your eyes off her – I think the word is ‘luminous’. It’s nearly an hour long, this monologue, but she holds the moment and makes you try to will it to last longer. It’ll be on BBC4 again soon, I’m sure. Do try and catch it, it’s a real delight.


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