The thing about having your birthday in the middle of January, right, (or really close to Christmas for that matter) is that you never really get to celebrate it. If you were born on – to pick a random date, I don’t know – 17 January, you tend to find that people are broke / detoxing / still hungover from New Year / full of ‘flu and can’t physically drag themselves down to the pub. Now, if you were born on 17 January in the year – again, totally at random – 1978, you would be coming up to your 30th birthday and be getting a bit bored with this state of affairs. So a possible solution would be to get together with another friend suffering from a similar problem of birthday-crapness, pack 15 of your closest friends into the Eurostar and head off to get drunk and rained on in Brussels.

As I say, it’s only a possible solution. Turns out it works pretty well though.


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