A rainy day

By rights, today should have been rubbish. Pelting with rain and I had to go Christmas shopping, an activity I rate only a bit lower than having blood taken. But it was a fabulous day. I got a present of wine at the hairdresser (always a good start), had a nice bus ride through the City (and the City at the weekend, deserted, is my favourite place in the world), ambled round Borough market and bought the Best. Brownie. Ever.

And then I headed over to Greenwich market, which is like Camden but with no teenage goths and far fewer tourists and no tat shops and nobody trying to sell you drugs. The traders are also a lot friendlier, you can always have a chat with them. Maybe they haven’t grown hardened to customers through years of selling incense, beaded bags and dodgy costume jewellery to public schoolkids in DMs and fake nosestuds. You can also get incense, beaded bags and dodgy costume jewellery at Greenwich; it’s just a nicer place to do it. Plus, there’s a proper food section to the market (as opposed to Camden’s takeaway ‘food hall’ section) that’s like a mini Borough. And then you can wander out and eat some sushi on the grounds of the Royal Naval College (OK, you can do that in summer), especially on the bits of lawn that are specifically marked "keep off the grass", with a backing track of someone extremely talented playing violin or piano or trombone in the rehearsal rooms.

Mmm. Good day. Even if I did have to wring out my jeans when I got home.


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