2007 Memeries

Kate done tagged me and because I’m a good girl and do what I’m told, here are my five highs and lows for 2007. I can’t tag other people, because although there are people who read my blog I have no idea who they are (hello!) or whether they have blogs of their own, and much as I love to read Anna and Katy and Jo and Marie I reeeally doubt they reciprocate…

Lows first. Get them out of the way.

1. The few minutes between finding a lot of blood in the cat’s litter tray and Amy’s text message suggesting cystitis; those horrifying, terrifying, panic-stricken minutes with the possibility of having my beloved flatmate taken away from me.
2. Sitting there, talking to the psychiatrist and it slowly dawning that, actually, there’s an underlying chemical reason for all my depressions – looks like the big breakdown four years ago was kind of separate. And because it’s bloody chemical it’s not going to go away. The flipside of this is realising that the stupid happy grinning thing that I thought might have been some mild bipolarity is actually what I should be like all the time. It just gets dragged down by my brain not working properly. Yay.
3. Which leads to – New York. Man, that was a shitty week.
4. Ending the year at work in the same situation I started the year at work – managerless, rudderless, clueless.
5. I cannot think of a fifth. I really can’t. The foot doesn’t count, that was just a thing that happened.

And the highs…

1. If I tell you that so many people making the journey to Hither Green for my belated housewarming gave me the warm and fuzzies, you can only imagine the amount of warmth and fuzziness when so many people came to Belgium for, ostensibly, Kate and mine’s 30th birthdays. Like being wrapped in felt. Awww, you guys
2. The interrailing holiday. It may not have been exotic, but it was beautiful and calming and full of mountains.
3. Seeing Aqualung play the Spitz. Not because it was the greatest gig in the world; especially not cos I was there on my own (and double especially not after finding out the next day that Ed was not only in town, but sitting in a hotel ten minutes away not doing anything); and not even chatting with the band afterwards in a scene reminiscent of yesteryear. It was the sense of quiet pride, of watching a couple of blokes you know of old doing something good, and doing it well, and being recognised for it. There’s the old quote about ‘every time a friend does well, I die a little inside’. I’ve never felt like that, and I’m so chuffed for them.
4. My ice cream maker.
5. My Uncle on his way to making an excellent recovery from his cancer. After losing one uncle in the last few years to bowel cancer (which goes someway to explaining the blood-in-pee panic above), having another one suffer a relapse was terrible – and also knowing that my Grandad probably wouldn’t survive the loss of two of his three children. I’ve only a small family you know, we can’t be doing with any of them dying.


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