Saturday night’s alright for blogging

I love t’internet. Which is just as well since it’s my job and everything and keeps El Mog in very expensive biscuits and vets. I never used to read blogs of people I didn’t know, though, cos I could never get into their lives and what they were talking about… who the hell are these people? I’m sure they’re lovely, but without a few trips down the pub I can’t just fall in with their musings and ‘get’ their voice, sheesh…

Over the summer that changed and my blogroll now contains plenty of people I wouldn’t know if I fell over them in the street, spent ten minutes apologising for the bruises they were inevitably going to sustain and offering to pay for a taxi to the nearest A&E to check they hadn’t done any real damage. It’s a jolly good thing too, since Katy Newton’s made me laugh out loud twice this week:

Random Thoughts on the M25: Part 1 of an occasional series


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