I need you

Specifically, I need your help. I was in the hairdressers earlier today and a song came over their speakers which I love, just adore, but have never been able to remember the damn band or title. So I’m going to try to describe it, and you’ve got to help me work out what it is.

Which could be tricky.

OK, it’s a guitar band with a male singer and the song is probably no more than 18 months old. It starts off with a fairly fast, even drumbeat, then the bass comes in with a rolling, repetitive riff, then the jangly guitar comes in doing the same rolling, repetitive riff. (It kind of goes DAda-Da-Da-Da-Daaa-Der over and over again.) The lyrics are completely incomprehensible to me so I can’t even Google them (though the chorus may contain the line "I figured it out" or something similar), but the overall impression is kind of wistful and the singer goes into a falsetto at certain bits and the chorus gets as shouty as it’s possible to get when you’ve got a wistful voice. It reminds me a bit of "There Goes The Fear" (but faster) and "The Cedar Room" (but more wistful and indistinct). But I’m reasonably sure this song isn’t by Doves.

You have to help me, this is driving me mental.


2 responses to “I need you

  1. Jamie February 5, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    This is easy.
    Hammer Smashed Face by Canibal Corpse.
    You’re right, it’s a brilliant tune.

  2. Rachel February 6, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Ah, the wistful Cannibal Corpse. You are of course bang on the money…

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