Observations of my cat

El Mog is curled up on the bed. Usually he favours the middle of the bed, as close to the pillows as I’ll let him get. Today he is lying nearer the edge. He suddenly sits up, and swings his hind leg around to get a good lick at his backside. But he overbalances… and the desperate scramble for purchase on the blanket is fruitless as he drags it with him slipping, slowly but inevitably, down the side of the bed…

I deserve a medal for not laughing.


One response to “Observations of my cat

  1. Nick March 12, 2008 at 9:28 am

    hehe oh dear
    Pudding, whilst being mad and playful on the landing, decided to spin round and run into my room at full pelt. Except she missed and ran full pelt into the door frame without an audible “CLUNK”.
    Thank God she’s insured really.

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