The unfulfilled promise of tantalising delights

The other day I bought a tub of Skinny Cow ice cream – not, I hasten to add, for any fat-watching reason, but more because it looked the most interesting tub in the freezer. (Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerrys are all well and good but sometimes a girl craves a change, you know?) However I think I’ve discovered where the fat saving comes in. Not, as claimed, in the actual foodstuff. But because it takes a whole load of heaving and straining to get the damn lid off and on. Or maybe they just figure that fat girls will eat the whole tub in one sitting, so who needs a lid that fits again?

Two other things now annoy me about this ice cream. One: my flavour of choice – Dreamy Creamy Cookie – is described as a "deliciously creamy dessert… filled with tempting chocolate cookie pieces and swirled with a mouthwateringly rich chocolate sauce". I have yet to find this sauce. Admittedly I didn’t get all that far cos I was also fighting off a suddenly very interested cat, but still.

And two: how come the Americans get a more sophisticated website than us Brits? The Yanks get a website just devoted to the ice cream; we get co-marketed at like it’s actually one of those abysmal wimmin’s magazines – Fashion! Beauty! Music! Just give me the information on the sodding pudding, without any of those irritating turn-a-page-built-in-Flash gimmicks. This is why the website I work on has banned Flash, and why I have to resist the urge to shout "CRETIN!" at every department who employs an agency that says "yeah, and you can have your brochure done in Flash, yeah, and it’ll spin on the page, yeah, and it’ll make the page sticky, yeah". It’s so 2004, people.


2 responses to “The unfulfilled promise of tantalising delights

  1. kate April 25, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    you look up the websites of the food you eat?!?!

  2. Rachel April 25, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    Sometimes. Sometimes. When it’s an interesting and new thing and I want to see what else they do.
    I’m a nerd. Whut of it?

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