Here’s a tip for cat owners current and future. Never try and double bluff them when they start sniffing around your food. If they appear very interested in your, say, macaroni and cheese, or butternut squash risotto, or cherry tomato and cucumber salad with mango and chilli dressing, or homemade strawberry ice cream, do not then offer them some saying “You won’t like this. See? This isn’t for kitties. Kitties don’t like… Oh. Apparently kitties do like mango and chilli dressing. And climb all over the keyboard for the remnants of the homemade strawberry ice cream. Stop standing on that key, you’re opening 20 Firefox Help tabs!”

(It appears El Mog’s diabetes is under enough control that’s he’s got his appetite back; so much that he does a little spinny dance in the kitchen when I start opening a can of food. Which he has nevah, evah, done before.)


2 responses to “Advice

  1. Tom July 9, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    I’m no help at all when it comes to cats stealing food – ours have learned a kind of clever pincer-movement thing that they deploy when fish or chicken is at stake – but cat on keyboard problems can be easily solved:
    Never tried it myself, but another cat-owning journalist I know swears that it really works.
    Also, glad to hear that El Mog is doing better. I become a nervous, useless wreck when feline aliments crop up (real kids that get ill would probably kill me), so your post about coming back from holiday to find him at the vet touched a nerve. Hope he continues to be food-spinningly well.

  2. Rachel July 9, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks Tom! I’m still hovering over him, prodding him after each injection to make sure I haven’t accidentally killed him (particularly each time his insulin dose gets increased). He’s getting a bit narked that every time he goes off for a post-dinner nap, he gets woken up just as he’s nodding off by me staring at him and poking him in the head. I’m sooo surprised I haven’t got scratched yet.

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