‘king hell

Whut teh fark? I just checked the date and it isn’t 1 April so this might actually be true: the Swiss far-right government have managed to trigger a referendum to amend the constitution to ban… the construction of minarets.

Do these people not have enough to do? Is Switzerland so fantastically peachy that there aren’t other things to sort out – like, ooo I don’t know, all the economic problems every other sovereign nation is worrying about, an ageing population, returning Nazi gold? They’re seriously discussing banning a form of architecture? Is this what the far right does these days? Does it think “hmm, we can’t openly persecute the darkies cos that’ll get us into trouble. Hey! Let’s create a ridiculous planning law that is obviously spitefully aimed at Muslims, but if anyone asks we can fall back into some NIMBY answer like ‘the call to prayer keeps the children awake’. Yeah! That’ll do it!”*

Man, if I lived in Switzerland I’d be requesting planning permission for minarets on my shed roof right now.

* I have no idea if this is their rationale. Reductio ad absurdum, OK?


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