Kids! Learning is fun!

Things I have recently learned:

Scale models of cities are cool.

That once Crossrail is finished, Tottenham Court Road station will look a bit like the new Kings Cross. And we're going to get Japanese-style diagonal pedestrian crossings at Oxford Circus. Yay!

The only place I know I can buy kohlrabi is Fortnum and Mason.

Syphilis does horrible things to bones.

If the cheers at the Olympics opening ceremony screened in Trafalgar Square are anything to go by, London is currently home to many Italians, Koreans and an awful lot of Chinese.

Norweigan queens can be quite pensive.

I can still manage to get lost in London. Or, more accurately, I can spend 20 minutes walking through / round Covent Garden in an attempt to get from Shaftesbury Avenue to Charing Cross Road and somehow end up exactly where I started. Hmm.

The Aztecs were scary bastards.


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