It’s like 1989 never happened

How on earth can one country be run by such a bunch of cocks? The mixture of arrogance and paranoia is truly stunning. Georgia were pretty bloody stupid going into South Ossetia but the Russian response has been (to be polite) disproportionate. But I'm sure the international community would have forgotten about it even by now if Russia hadn't then said "yes, we're withdrawing" only to then get mixed up between 'withdrawing' and 'advancing'. "Which direction should we be going in now, Ivan? Is the Russian border back the way we came, or further on towards Tbilisi? Further on you say? Fair enough."

And silly little Poland. The temerity of it, agreeing to host missiles of a NATO ally. Surely it should have been obvious Russia would then threaten to nuke them out of existence. It's like domestic violence: Poland, look what you made Russia do. You only have yourself to blame.

Just like all those Russian journalists. And Alexander Litvinenko. And the British Council. And BP. And Shell. And Ukraine. And Estonia. And Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


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