Mouse guest or In which El Mog is veh brave


Mouse poo.

That's not good.

At least they're not in the cupboards eating my chocolate this time. I haven't had mice in the flat since that first winter but I suppose in a building of this age they're kind of inevitable. I haven't actually seen any though; and in fact my first indication of the little fuckers' existence was only on Saturday night.

Just getting ready to go to bed and the cat started prancing about between the bed and the wall. I harumphed in irritation. One clear indication that he's getting back to full health is that he's got a lot more energy, which he tends to express by meowing in the most annoying high-pitched shriek by the back door and then sitting there for several minutes once the door is actually opened. When this happens late at night we tend to have several cycles of in-and-out – he goes out, I let him back in ten minutes later only to find him wanting to go out again almost immediately. Honestly, how many attempts at shitting does one cat need? Anyway, on Saturday night I'd just gone through this routine and was not best pleased. He stopped prancing almost as soon as he'd started and we both got into/onto the bed.

Lights barely out, a scratching started. A scratching very familiar from my student days. There were just a couple of scrabbles and I heard nothing more for the rest of the night (and believe me, I lay awake for some time, listening). On Sunday I was cleaning up and found several examples of mouse poo.

I choose to believe that a mouse was in my bedroom, and was scared enough by El Mog to hide under the bed. As soon as the lights went out it scarpered. This is what I choose to believe. I'm also choosing to believe that the cat's presence may put off others. On the other hand, these mouse ultrasound and electromagnetic repellers look good…


5 responses to “Mouse guest or In which El Mog is veh brave

  1. Will August 18, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    I saw one in my kitchen the other day and have brought my sonar mice repellers out of retirement. Though I seem to remember they didn’t work last time so I doubt they will now. I’ve blocked their route across my kitchen sink to my toaster (they like nibbling the crumbs) with a box of Persil.

  2. Rachel August 18, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Yeees… some Amazon customers are not particularly impressed.
    From reading about how they work, it sounds like ultrasound won’t go through solid objects so the signal probably gets blocked as soon as it hits the kitchen table. Hmm. I’m too wussy to put down actual traps and humane ones just do not trap the damn mice.
    Go cat! Go go go!

  3. Kate August 19, 2008 at 10:06 am

    You’d better hope Elgar is more anti-mouse than Tomasina, who thinks they’re just there to make friends with her …

  4. Amy August 20, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    How about rubbing Elgar’s jowly area with a cloth and then rubbing the cloth near where the mouse poo was to reinforce the cat-smell? Don’t get the springy traps, they are awful – they’ll catch the mouse, but it’s often not a clean or quick kill.

  5. Rachel August 20, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    I looked at the springy traps but backed quickly away… the thought of the mouse being squished and also having to DISPOSE of squished mouse… Ugh. No. I’m too squeamish. I’d rather have them running around if I’m honest. I’m actually quite resigned to it, it’s almost inevitable in old houses.
    Nice idea about rubbing the pheromones. I’ve been looking at the Feliway plug-in and wondering if it affects mice, but I’m sure having the same scent as the big black thingy that’s been chasing them would have more results!

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