All change

And so it begins… three of the proposed 2012 Olympic venues are "being evaluated" to see if they deliver value for money. These are three of the temporary venues, in Greenwich Park*, Woolwich Barracks and a weird temporary basketball arena in the Olympic Park itself that apparently is only supposed to stage the qualifying rounds (so the point of it is…?).

Wasn't one of the main selling points of a London Games that we would hold certain events in some of our many historic locations? If we're now thinking of relocating the shooting to some back field or the equestrian events to any old arena, one wonders whether another city – oooo, say, Paris? – couldn't also have found equally nondescript locations? No doubt all part of Boris's drive to deliver an under-budget (hahahahaha) Games.

* Of course, the news of plans to scrap Greenwich will come as a relief to many people who think the park is too small, too full of other things and too much of a bloody World Heritage Site to have horses ploughing through it, not to mention the possibility of a lengthy closure. It would be nice to think that any move away from Greenwich would be taken on the grounds of common sense, rather than cash. But that's just crazy thinking.


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