Really, really not being arsed

I have things to say. I do, honestly. But all I've wanted to do for the last several days is curl up and go to sleep (and have found myself nodding off in the middle of the afternoon on a number of occasions). Is it to do with the relentless miserable weather or just a general malaise, boredom finally settling in after two months off work? Fuck knows, frankly. And my right ear is all blocked up with wax gunk and the nurse can't syringe it until I've spent a week pouring organic extra-virgin olive oil into it. The ponciness isn't a medical requirement. It's just what I have in the house. I know, get me. Trouble is, I'm meeting the head honcho in charge of my department for the first time tomorrow (at 9am, ouch) to negotiate my return to work. So I'll not only be under-prepared but also shouting "WHAT?" at her.


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