American politics

Two videos that I'm loving at the moment.

From The Daily Show – the presidential candidates' 'Generic Off':

Elegant encapsulation of all that's wrong with politics in general, and this campaign in particular – politicians promising the earth while not actually saying anything. No detail. Nothing. Platitudes? Yesyesyes. Policy specifics? Nonono. It's one of my main problems with Barack Obama. He talks a good talk, but I have no idea what he's planning to, you know, do if/when he wins. (By the way – anyone start thinking about Bob the Builder during McCain's first segment?)

And this, via Marie, a SNL sketch of 'Sarah Palin' and 'Hillary Clinton'. Can't embed this one (and apologies for the advert at the beginning), but watch it because it's not just very, very funny, it's also pretty spot on. I cannot believe that Sarah Palin is even in the running for the White House – it just shows you how much integrity John McCain has(n't), that he's willing to put aside all his beliefs (he's fairly liberal, for a Republican) to choose a running mate who's so inexperienced, so lacking in intellectual rigour (check out her managing to contradict herself in the clip above), just because she appeals to the demographic he's a bit short on. And if anyone's blindsided by the reference to the Bush Doctrine, it's talking about this.


These people are going to be running our lives very soon.


One response to “American politics

  1. Pete September 22, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Good find on the SNL sketch – very funny indeed.

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