Two things…

…that made me laugh out loud today. Yes, I have only laughed twice today (OK, there was a fair bit of sniggering, but that was at someone else's expense and will probably come back to bite me on the arse in the way of karmic nonsense). And both were from the internet, which proves that interacting with computers is better than interacting with humans.

  • Anna shocks some Americans (read to the end: Best. Punchline. Ever.)
  • Some morons have produced a "performance snack" for gamers, with an "ergonomic container design" that "maximises fast action dispensing of the tasty treat". And if that wasn't amusing enough, one of the flavours is called Strategy Chocolate. Oh, oh my god, my chest actually hurts from the laughter… (via Ben Goldacre's minifeed).

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