Another way in which I am a genius / tool

After buying my iPod Nano earlier this evening (oh yes! It's a purple one) I was waiting at the Regent Street bus stop when a couple of tourists wandered up, trying to get to Knightsbridge. They had it written on a piece of paper and everything but nobody could / wanted to help direct them onto the right bus, so they started looking at the map. The night bus map. I caved and showed them the normal map and helped them find the right route and started to explain that they'd have to go to Oxford Street to catch it.

Now let me explain that my fingernails are reasonably long at the moment. Not talon-like, but there's a decent few millimetres of growth on them. And my nails are hard. They don't ever break. If my nails hung round an East End boozer they'd get respect. So when I swung my arm up to show the tourists the direction they needed to be walking in, and my fingertips made hefty contact with the back of some guy's head, I knew it was going to hurt…

Poor fellow. There he was, standing at the bus stop with his earphones in. He didn't expect to be attacked. Neither did he expect the short woman in the (rather lovely) purple trenchcoat who'd just gouged a dent in his scalp to look absolutely horrified, start babbling apologies, and actually caress his injured head. Attacked by someone with no sense of social boundaries. He's probably traumatised.

Still. It could be worse. He could be this guy.


2 responses to “Another way in which I am a genius / tool

  1. Les October 28, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    So you went for iPod nano in the end. Congratulations on the purchase of your new toy!

  2. Rachel October 28, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Heh, yeah. I updated the comments on the old post with Nano and headphone choice… haven’t plugged the iPod in yet, I’m saving that for tonight! Yeah, I’m so not going to bed til 4am.

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