Yesterday I needed to buy a new clasp for my favourite necklace (yes, I sew on buttons and repair necklaces. Truly, I am a domestic goddess for our credit crunched times) so, on a tip from Liz, I nipped into the lovely bead shop on Tower Street in Covent Garden. (Not actually the bead shop I'd been thinking of though; it seems there are two bead shops by Seven Dials.) I found the clasp and went to pay.

Guy behind till: Hey, were you in here yesterday?
Me: No, sorry.
GBT: Earlier today?
Me: No, not at all!
GBT: Have you ever been in here before?!
Me: Honestly not! First time.
GBT: That's so strange. I'm only asking because there was this woman in here, I swear it was yesterday, and she was the double of you.
Me: Heh. It's funny, but I think I do have a double somewhere. My neighbour started talking to someone in the queue at Marks and Spencers a few months ago because she thought it was me. Turns out my double comes from the same part of the country as me too.
GBT: And it's not just that… she had a similar coat. It's so weird.
Me: Really? Ooo. Now I'm starting to wonder if someone nicked umbilical cord stem cells at my birth and cloned me.
GBT: Damn those stem cell stealers!

This is the fourth time someone's reported having seen someone who looks just like me (though, admittedly, this is the first time it's been a stranger). A schoolfriend once refused to believe I hadn't been in Leeds HMV one Saturday and my Aunt saw someone on the south coast (but with a bigger nose). I'm wondering if it's the same woman… was once spotted in Leeds and now, according to my neighbour, has moved to London from Yorkshire. And she has a penchant for purple trenchcoats (admittedly, so do about one-third of London's women right now).

Still. It's weird, right?

Or maybe some extended relative of my Dad's has had a daughter by some extended relative of my Mum's. They both have a lot of cousins. There wasn't much else to do in Leeds in the late 70s.


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