My iPod shuffled me ‘Electioneering’ by Radiohead this morning

It's incredibly moving, sitting here watching the news and seeing people in the US queueing for hours, sometimes in driving rain, just to vote. It's heartwarming to see people so determined to exercise their democratic right and duty. Some districts are estimating turnouts of 80-90% which sounds to me like a sign for Obama (I know, I know, turn around three times and spit. Ptooey). Even with a population incredibly fed up with the status quo I can't quite believe I'm seeing such scenes in a Western nation.

On the other hand… why the fuck are people having to wait hours to vote? Polls don't open late in the States (though I reckon they will tonight). People are having to take time off work – often unpaid – for this. Stupid voting machines are already breaking down in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. A high turnout is hardly a surprise, why aren't polling stations prepared? (Cue much discussions about the uselessness of voting machines: their unreliability, the bottlenecks they create, the profiteering and lobbying from manufacturers).

I reckon I'm going to stay up all night and watch this. Depending on what time polls actually close, there may be a result before breakfast. Or, a bloody good indication of what's going to happen. I'm pretty sleepy but I reckon if I wrap myself up with a cat and a blanket for early morning cosiness, I'm sure I'll wake up if David Dimbleby starts getting excited.


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