Random nature of things

While I know perfectly well that iPod / iTunes shuffle is genuinely random and that humans have an inbuilt tendency to see patterns where there are none in an attempt to create order from chaos, I cannot help smiling at the results. Let's take today; I've been sitting here since about 2pm using the iTunes Party Shuffle feature. It's got access to all of the music I've uploaded – over a day's worth – with no filters. And it's obsessed by the first The Stone Roses album. It's throwing up as much Suede (23 tracks) and Badly Drawn Boy (20 tracks) as Radiohead (58 tracks) or REM (91 tracks). Yet I have 31 tracks by various derivatives of The 45s / Aqualung and it barely goes near them. Is iTunes making a comment? If so, it can sort out its apparent hatred of Arcade Fire right now. It's also strangely drawn to short tracks (Elizabeth My Dear and Air Raid Gtr by The Go! Team). On the other hand, it can deliver me Underwear as many times as it damn well pleases… and it will.


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