It’s a Doctor Who post, b*tches

Yes, yes. After the not-particularly-surprising announcement that David Tennant's leaving Doctor Who after the 2009 specials the speculation about who'll replace him is getting ridiculous. All you have to do is mention a name and "Doctor Who" in the same sentence and some idiot will write an article about it (see: Billie Piper, the guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, Colin Salmon, the inevitable James Nesbitt rumour, Paul McGann). Apparently having already been in the series playing another major character, playing an earlier incarnation of the Doctor, or just saying 'Not interested thanks' is enough to get an article written. It's as though there isn't enough to fill papers, what with the economic crisis, Congo, social security procedures, a new American president

(By the way, if you're interested in keeping a bemused eye on the latest frantic guesses then Medium Rob's blog is the place for you.)

However, amongst the more outlandish claims are a few that sound intriguing. The sight of David Morrissey in the trailer for the Christmas special had me making squeaky noises of pleasure back in the summer. I have loved that man ever since The Deal, and the prospect of him actually being the 11th Doctor was genuinely exciting. See, the Christmas special is called "The Next Doctor", and we knew Morrissey was playing a character called The Doctor and claiming to be a Time Lord…

So balls to the two minute sneak-preview on Children in Need last night, which made utterly certain to spoil any kind of suspense for Christmas. Morrissey isn't Eleven; he doesn't recognise David Tennant's Doctor and is clearly basing his performance on David Tennant so we can presume he's playing a con artist pretending to be Ten. Probably along the lines of Captain Jack's original appearance, the con artist who gets redeemed through contact with the Doctor and turns out to be a thoroughly decent chap deep down. And if that weren't unoriginal enough, the fans who buy the audio plays say there seems to be a big similarity to an audio Colin Baker story. Ho hum. When's Steven Moffat taking over again?

If anyone hasn't seen it yet, here's the clip (and watch at the end, where David Morrissey and David Tennant glance at each other out of the corner of their eyes in perfect unison. I love these guys):

If I can just be hypocritical for a moment though… I want to indulge my own wee gossip mongering. While Liz thinks Andrew Buchan would make an excellent Doctor – nobody's mentioned him, she just thinks he'd be good – I saw some speculation about James Frain. Clearly, we know that papers are filling space by printing any name that happens to pop into journos' brains, but I think James Frain would be bloody marvellous. He's been playing Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors (my idea of trash TV) and I reckon he has just the right mix of gravitas and levity to be an excellent Doctor. He's old enough to be a change from Tennant's baby facedness but young enough to be able to handle the running and jumping. He's got a low enough profile to be accepted as the Doctor by young fans. And, he's not in the Tennant heartthrob mould so we might be able to move away from all those tedious 'assistant falls in love with the Doctor' stories. Since The Tudors is currently shooting the Jane Seymour / Anne of Cleves periods, any history buff can tell you he's about to become commitment-free


One response to “It’s a Doctor Who post, b*tches

  1. Carole Gray November 16, 2008 at 5:51 am

    Yes Yes please pick James he is a great actor and deserves much more recognition. He has been in the States and has been on most major TV series (24 Closer Invasion etc). I met him and did an interview on the set of the Tudors in Bray. He must get the part then he will return to the country of his birth!

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