Lewisham Council have kindly designated bits of Hither Green a 20mph zone, which is all fine by me. They even put little notices on lampposts to say which streets were being affected. Unfortunately they didn't go so far as to spell out, for idiots like me, that this meant they would be installing speedhumps on said roads. Nor did they say when these works would be taking place.

So I was understandably shocked and, momentarily, terrified to hear these noises coming from outside the living room window (and, ah, it's just started up again at the back. Joy). This is an incredibly badly lit video of the cat's peturbed reaction, but the main reason for the video's existence is for the soundtrack…

And that was from inside, all windows closed. Fuck me; it sounded (and felt) like the world was ending.


One response to “Earsplitting

  1. Marie January 23, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Sounds like rehearsals for ‘Stomp’.

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