Can I really be bothered to use Twitter? I'd forgotten I had an account at all until I got a follower message a few days ago. And now, in an ironic twist, diamond geezer set me thinking about it. I can sort of see the appeal of Twitter as a cross between Facebook updates and blogging, but do I really need another place to send my inane witterings into cyberspace, or another place I need to check regularly to catch up on interweb doings? I've largely ignored it because, well, it's not been necessary to my life. And I suspect it will continue to be, unless it supplants Facebook updating. Which, lord knows, I do more than I need to (but not as many as some of the people I'm 'friends' with on there, but am too cowardly to have a cull. Although, if I keep being challenged to quizzes, I may have to). I suppose I should learn how to use it for 'professional' reasons but – *sigh*. Just one more piece of social networking detritus to clutter up my life.


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