Application dedication

I'd forgotten how much I hate completing job application forms. And I loathe it. I'd rather use an agency for the sheer convenience of being able to use my normal CV (and the fact that jobs tend to come to you, even if you do find yourself trawling the agency's website to make sure they haven't passed over something, and that dreadful fake professional joviality you have to maintain when talking to them, even though you've just spent the last two hours watching repeats of Top Gear on Dave, eating cheese on toast and are feeling as professional and human as a decaying dog).

I applied for a job direct last week. It needed an application form. My heart was sinking even before I opened the attachment… "Please tell us why you want this job, with reference to the person specification." So I opened the accompanying job description. There was an outline of the duties of the role and a 'person specification' consisting of a compentency list: 15 headings, with between one and three points under each.

I know they probably want to weed out people who aren't that interested in the job but Holy Crap. They should interview everyone who applies just so we can see these sadistic bastards face to face.


2 responses to “Application dedication

  1. Will February 4, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    I hate application forms. Even in this crappy jobs market I’ve not bothered with some applications because of the wealth of irrelevant information I’d have to fill in, and the age it would take to complete.
    Bigger problem though at the moment is that there’s no fucking jobs out there. If this Qatar thing doesn’t pay off then I’m basically screwed. Oh well, what can you do. Friend of mine said let’s go out to a Wetherspoons for cheapness, but fuck that, I’ve got standards.

  2. Rachel February 4, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Yes, how is the Qatar thing going? (You can email me, rather than having a conversation on my blog, heh.)
    Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t touch a massive form with a ten foot pole but this one intrigues me for various reasons.
    The government appears to be hiring, and public bodies. The three leads I have all fall into those categories. Eh. What can you do?

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